Arts and Entertainment District

1707 N. Calvert St. Condos - (2 unit Condo Building)
2 blocks to Penn Station!
Finished 1/1/2010

An 18' wide, 4000sf row home has been split into two, 1860+ sf, 2+ bedroom, 2 bath, condos.  Two of Bryan's unique loft style designs and a parking pad for each unit, not like anything currently offered anywhere in the city. The upper unit, Unit B, has been rented thru Spring 2011.  The lower unit is still available.  List price is $345,000.   View Unit A Pics Now!   View Unit B Pics Now!

These units are:
2 blocks to Penn Station (45 minute train to Union Station in Washington DC)
2 blocks to Tapas Teatro, Charles Theater, and Everyman Theater
3 blocks to Light Rail
4 blocks to UMAB and north border of Mount Vernon
5 blocks to new Barnes and Noble at

This neighborhood has received some major attention from the city in the past 12 months....research Baltimore's Arts and Entertainment District to see what's coming! Below are just a few of the current development projects and articles:

Currently Under Construction
Fitzgerald Baltimore - Multiuse condo and retail complex with Barnes and Noble

8/21/2009 - Baltimore Sun - Station North Revival
8/13/2009 - Baltimore Sun - Parkway Theater
10/30/2008 - Baltimore City - Mayors Proposal Letter for Station North
10/30/2008 - Baltimore City - $1 Billion Arts District

Washington Village

600 block of Wyeth St. - 8 properties
Finished 2008

Bryan developed 7 properties on the 600 block of Wyeth St starting in 2005.  He has sold 5 units and still owns 2 as rentals (and he is also still has part owner in a non-renovated rental on the block). The remaining rentals are 'always for sale' as they say, but always contingent on honoring existing lease terms. See 'Properties' section for more details and photo galleries for these units.

Current homeowners on the block include two NASA scientists, 3 government executives, a consultant, an attorney, two chefs, an insurance exec, and 2 entrepreneurs, among others...many of these folks rented in Federal Hill and/or Locust Point but decided to purchase in Washington Village.  Attraction to my houses in Washington Village included the Artisan Details, the amount of space and quality for the $ spent, much better on street parking, less congestion, easier access in and out of town for commuters, and more of a community feel with the homeowners and renters on the block.  Any of the residents on the block would welcome your emails or phone calls if you'd like more info about their experience in one of my homes on Wyeth St.

News Specific to Wyeth St.
12/22/2009 -
618 Wyeth St. sold to its second owner for $268,000

5/29/2009 - 623 Wyeth St. sold for $279,000.